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  • VEG & BLOOM TWO CHANNELS: CREE COB 5000K Cold White light for Veg Breeding, Seedling, Microgreen and Vegetative, Samsung LM301B 3000K Warm White and 660nm Red light for Flowering and Fruiting..
  • LIGHTING INTENSITY ADJUSTABLE: Preassembled flat lens for Vegetative Stages including Seedling, Clone, Microgreens, etc. Replace the flat lens with 90 degrees Optic Lens for Bloom/Fruiting Stages. With the COB lenses, the PAR (PPFD) can be increased up to 50% compared to the COB without lenses.
  • UNIQUE & HIGH EFFICIENCY REFLECTOR: PAR (PPFD) output and canopy penetration can be increased by up to 150% while ensuring a more uniform footprint.
  • ENERGY SAVING: Equivalent to 1000W HPS/MH grow light while consuming only 110W, recommended for vegetative 2.5’x 2.5’ coverage and flowering 2’x 2’ coverage.


 Model Number: BIGG 1000

Power Consumption: 110W from wall

LED's: CREE COB White 5000K, Samsung LM301B 3000K and Red 660nm

Beam Angle: Switchable between 90° lens and 120° reflector

Dimensions: 7.87 x 7.87 x 2.56 inches

Input Voltage: AC 100-240V

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Two Lens Options for Gardening Anytime Anywhere

BIGG 1000 110W Grow Light with double switches for vegetative and bloom

Veg and Bloom Two Grow Channels

Veg Channel: CREE COB 5000K Full Spectrum with Peak in Blue

  • VEG Channel is for plants germination, seedling, clone and early leaf stages.
  • Doing good for microgreens and hydroponics system.
  • LED Chipset: 1pcs CREE 5000K cold white COB.
  • Consumes 50W on VEG channel.

Bloom Channel: Samsung LM301B 3000K and 660nm Enhancer

  • BLOOM Channel is for plants in the flowering and fruiting stages.
  • Red 660nm wavelength added for triggering and enhancing the flowering.
  • LED Chipset: 56pcs Samsung LM301B 3000K warm white+ 4pcs 660nm red.
  • Consumes 60W on BLOOM channel.


All Channels ON - Full Power Broad Full Spectrum

  • VEG+BLOOM Channel outputs maximum light for the optimal growing performance from seedling to harvest.
  • We highly recommend growers let both switches turn on during the flowering and fruiting stages for great harvest.
  • Consumes 110W at full power.


Mounting Height and Lighting Time Suggestions

Mounting Height and Lighting Time Suggestions

Unique and High Quality Components

Full Spectrum with Bloom Enhancer

  • Built with CREE cold white 5000K and Samsung LM301B warm white 3000K chips as main lighting source.
  • The extra added 660nm red is a great flowering trigger at the early bloom stage as well as an efficient enhancer at the late flowering/fruiting stages.
  • White 3000K/5000K output full spectrum, Red 660nm peaked at bloom spectrum.

grow led light lens

Dual Option to Grow Indoors

  • Two optical lenes offered for the COB channel.
  • Growers are able to switch from flat protective lens to balanced 90 degrees lens.
  • Both the flat lens and 90 degrees lens has a high light transmittance.
  • The flat lens is preassembled.
  • No tools needed for the lens shift.

grow led optic lens for light

Reliable Independent Cooling System

  • Unique and dense fin design heatsink ensures a high performance cooling system for LED module (COB+SMD).
  • Each LED module has an independent quiet cooling fan.
  • Each LED module has an independent heatsink.
  • The light is cool enough to touch.

grow light heat sink

Q: Is it always discreet shipping/package?
A: Yes of course. We do discreet shipping for all orders. All our packages are shipped with plastic foam protection to keep it safe, and without any labels “grow lights” or brand name mentioned on the packages.

Q: What should I do if I cannot check out successfully?
A: Contact us at or online chat, we’re always ready to help.

Q: Do you ship to P.O. boxes?
A: Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers out there, making it impossible for us to ship to P.O. boxes. Please provide a business or residential address when placing your order.

Q: Can I cancel my order?
A: If you would like to cancel an order, please contact us as soon as possible at
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If it has been processed, you can get a refund minus shipping charges (both ways, even if the product had free shipping—we still have to pay for it, after all). A restocking fee of up to 25% may also apply.

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Q: How do I track my package?
A: An email that contains the tracking link URL will be sent to you once your order is shipped.

Q: What is your warranty? What should I do if my light has a problem?
A: We have a 5-year warranty(2 years free,3 years limited), Check our warranty details here
If you have a product issue, please contact us first at

Q: What can I do if I have a business plan?
A: If you would like to cooperate with ParFactWorks, please email us at

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