ParfactWorks PT240 PRO 240W LED Grow Light (Manual and RJ11 Controllable)
About this Item High effciency top-bin Samsung LM301H 3000K & 5000K。 Powered by Meanwell, the light is dimmable by knob manual dimmer or RJ11 connection for massive control opperation. Full Spectrum enhanced with Red, IR & UV. Reliable passive cooling designed with ultra-thick...
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ParfactWorks WF420 420W LED Grow Light Bar Full Spectrum (Manual and RJ11 Controllable)
The ParfactWorks WingFlex LED Grow Light is foldable up to 180 degrees and waterproof IP 65 rated, making it versatile, compact, and easy to install in any grow conditions. The reflective cup design makes the lighting more concentrated, comes with...
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ParfactWorks H330 330W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum (Manual and RJ11 Controllable)
About this Item Powered by MeanWell and built with top bin Samsung LM301H 3000K & 5000K and LH351H 660nm Red and 730nm IR LEDs. Ultra thick aluminum radiator, reliable passive-cooled design. Adjustable Light Dimmensions, the distance between each board can be...
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