ParfactWorks 700W LED Grow Bar Light (3 Channels Dimmable)
Heavy Duty but Not “Heavy”Fixture comes with industry thickest heatsink guarantee you less heat and longest product lifespan.Extremely easy to transport and install thanks to the 'Clip in & out' design which also makes your life easier with lowest maintenance cost...
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Intelligent Grow Light Rj11 Controller
Please Read Carefully Before Placing Your Order For Our Controller This controller comes with RJ11 ports, it can be directly used to work with all ParfactWorks lights which have the RJ11 ports (such as the Zeusol, WingFlex, PT boards, etc)....
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Grow Light Rope Hanger
About this item Pair of 1/8" heavy duty rope hangers. Metal Pulley & Metal Crimp. Weight Capacity: 75lbs per hanger,150lbs/pair . Rope Length: 8 Feet. Works great for hanging light fixtures, hanging carbon filters,ventilation equipment. Easy to use the rope ratchet...
from $6.99