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How many hours per day to use your led grow light

How many hours per day to use your led grow light

Grow lights are an excellent tool for fulfilling light necessity when it comes to growing crops or plants indoors, but they can also be harmful to the plant if you overexposing them.

Actually, how many hours per day running a led grow light depends on the strain and grow stage of plants.


1.The species of plants

The habits of different plants vary greatly, there are some plants require just a few hours lighting per day, while some are fine even if they are exposed to light whole day. So it is important for you to understand the habits of the plants you are going to grow.

According to the affection of sunlight, we can divide the plants into three types. Long-light plants, Medium-light plants and Low-light plants.


Long-light plants, flower only when amount of daylight lasts longer than their critical threshold, this kind of plants need to be lighting more than 14 hours per day, such as wheat, radish, spinach.


Medium-light plants, require about six hours of daily sunlight, so they benefit from a higher light intensity and do best when set no more than 1 foot away from the lights.


Low-light plants, typically grow well in shade or lighting less than 4 hours per day, common low-light plants such as orchid, gardenia, rhododendron.

Actually, most common plants can grow well within 12-14 hours of artificial light if they don't receiving any other light.

2.The grow stage of plants

For most plants, having a low requirement of sunlight during the seedling stage and even no need of sunlight during germination. But at the stage of flower and fruiting, sunlight are highly needed. If you are going to grow plants under the grow light, adjusting the lighting time with the change of grow stages is pivotal.


There has an article tell you whether your plants are overexposing or lacking of sunlight:

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