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ParfactWorks ZE series 510w LED Grow Bar Light

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Original price $455.00
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✔️ 'Clip in & out' Design - Extremely easy to transport and install with lowest maintenance cost.

✔️ Full Spectrum white enhanced with Red, IR & UV.

✔️ Three Independent Adjustable Spectrum Channel makes everyting under your control.

✔️ RJ11 connection for massive control opperation.

✔️ Industry thickest heatsink guarantee you less heat resulting in longer lifespan.

✔️ Balanced Light Distribution - Uniform level of PPFD coverage for better canopy penetration..

Style: Ze510 Eco
Availability: In Stock (Ships in 24-48 hrs)
US & CA Free Shipping: 3-5 Business Days
Industry Best Warranty: 5 Year

Heavy Duty but Not “Heavy”
Fixture comes with industry thickest heatsink guarantee you less heat resulting in longer lifespan.

Extremely easy to transport and install thanks to the 'Clip in & out' design which also makes your life easier with lowest maintenance cost and big saves on shipping.

Adjustable Full spectrum
Adjustable Spectrum basing on three Independent Dimmable Channels with RJ11 daisy chain option for massive grow operation via a controller.Using Top-bin Samsung LM301H LEDs and Osram ssl80 (incl. White Blend 3000k & 5000k, 660nm red, 730nm IR and 395nm UV).

Powered by Meanwell and Sosen, the power of each channel 0-10V dimmable.

Balanced Light Distribution
Uniform level of PPFD coverage for better canopy penetration.

Energy Saving
Energy Saving up to 50% to an equivalent 2000W HPS light fixture.

Maximum Performance
50% higher yield and plant quality with max yield up to 2.5g/W compared to traditional lighting.

Technical Specifications

ParfactWorks Grow Light LED Bar 700W full spectrum with uv ir


Independent Dimmable Three Channels - VEG/BLOOM/UV


      Model No. ZE510 Eco
      Power Draw 510W
      Spectrum Full Spectrum with UV, IR
      LED Brand Samsung LM281B, Osram ssl80
      Diodes 576pcs 5000k + 432pcs 3000K+48pcs 660nm+12pcs 730nm+12pcs 395nm
      Input Voltage 100-277V
      Efficacy 2.6 μmol/j
      Coverage Veg 5.5' x 5.5', Bloom 4.5' x 4.5'
      Dimming Manual & Rj11 Controller
      Dimensions(cm), N.W(lbs) 84(L) x 84(W) X 11(H), 23.14 lbs
      Certification ETL, FCC, CE, ROHS
      Thermal Management Passive
      Light Distribution 120°
      Package Includes 1 x Ze510 Eco Grow Light Bar 1 x 6ft Power Cord, 2 x Hangers with carabiners, 2 x Adjustable Yoyo Hangers, 1 x RJ11 Cable, 1 x User Manual
      IP Rating Not waterproof (waterproof IP65 as needed)
      Lifetime > 70,000hrs
      Warranty 5 Year Standard Warranty

      ℹ️ 12"-36" above canopy

      ℹ️ Light is too bright, don't look directly at the diodes.

      ℹ️ Light isn't waterproof, keep it away from dripping places.

      ℹ️ Turn off the light before moving your light.

      ℹ️ Indoor use only.

      Q: Is it always discreet shipping/package?
      A: Yes of course. We do discreet shipping for all orders. All our packages are shipped with plastic foam protection to keep it safe, and without any labels “grow lights” or brand name mentioned on the packages.

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      A: Contact us at or online chat, we’re always ready to help.

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      A: Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers out there, making it impossible for us to ship to P.O. boxes. Please provide a business or residential address when placing your order.

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      A: If you would like to cancel an order, please contact us as soon as possible at
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      A: An email that contains the tracking link URL will be sent to you once your order is shipped.

      Q: What is your warranty? What should I do if my light has a problem?
      A: We have a 5-year warranty(2 years free,3 years limited), Check our warranty details here
      If you have a product issue, please contact us first at

      Q: What can I do if I have a business plan?
      A: If you would like to cooperate with ParFactWorks, please email us at

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      A: Please follow the instructions below if the carrier shows package delivered but you don’t have it:
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 29 reviews
      Uncle Dude
      Best in The Game

      Parfactworks ZE Series LED grow lights are the Best Performing, Quality, & Value in the Game. You can’t go wrong buying 1 or 10. At just over a $1 per watt for Samsung LM301H diodes, UV, plus 3 dimmers for controlling the spectrum. You just can’t beat it! Need proof go see my results on IG @real.uncledude Parfactworks Best Valued LED’s in the Game🙌

      Todd Moore
      Great Light Coverage!!

      This light is excellent for a 3'x3' grow tent!! The light coverage is exceptional. The only issue to be concerned with is that it uses passive cooling. Which means the lights can get hot. I worried about the hot lights causing my tent to melt and start a fire, so I just pointed a couple of small fans at it and problem solved!! YouTube video placeholder
      Robert Williams
      Nice Light

      The new working light is nice! I don't think you'll find similar specs at a similar price. Light stars: 4/5. I'll be replacing the carabiners that were included with the light as they are about as sturdy as the one's I use to attach my golf towels to my golf bag.

      Update: I was able to work with their customer service to get a replacement light and eventually was sent a pre-paid shipping label to return the defective unit. It's very possible that it could have been damaged during freight because the box had been pretty beat up. That said, it took way too long and way too much effort on my end to receive a replacement light despite their warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

      I received a defective unit and reached out to their support. The veg lights wouldn't dim brighter or darker. I understand that things happen but the customer service has been awful. It's been 3 days and 8 emails and they are only offering to "repair" the unit. More importantly, they sent instructions for me to attempt to fix it before offering to repair. I haven't rated this 1 star hoping for a reasonable resolution to a new $400 light. Why wouldn't you send a new one and take this one back to service? Makes you wonder what the 30 day guarantee is and how a warranty claim would go with the 5 year warranty...

      Beau-Jeremy Hampton
      Great light. Very impressed.

      TL:DR - I’d buy this light thrice over and then some. Worth its weight - 😏.

      I’ve had several brands and worked with 2 types. CMH and LED. I can’t say I don’t miss my CMH Setup. It was overkill in an 8x8x12. I had a really nice setup... however - I wasn’t as good as the setup and I think the setup saved me a lot of times on quantity. Towards the end I was going through life issues and my grows were turning out terrible.

      Fast forward a few months after my last mediocre crop and I moved out and into my own place and I had some bestvas and a platinum led. Got bored so started working in my closet. Moved into a budget tent( my 8x8 was a Gorilla. I was handed this setup and paid it off. Didn’t want to deal with the splitting at the end so just let it be.)4x4 and I got a free pink LED(does great actually.) and bought a viparspectra p1500.

      Was happy with my setup, but wanted uniformity. Was going to buy a quantum board then I found a brand called Sunlipo and liked the FR+UV bar style with channels and timer. I messaged someone who had bought from sunlipo and they were quite honest and helpful. They also said that this was the light they were going for when they could. I saw the deal so I bought one. I’ve had it for about a month and I only got it in within the last 3 weeks of my small crop. I did make a huge difference in quality - however it wasn’t a long window of use. I just turned it back on today. I will be growing an indoor garden this winter with it so I cannot wait to see what it does truly. The quality is superb. It’s not really too heavy in my eyes. I lift humans for a living sooooo maybe that’s why. I really wanted the added UV+FR. That, the price, the useable PPF, the coverage, the style - all worth every dollar. I may buy a second one or a ZE250 because I really love the product and it’s quality. I live in a dry climate so humidity does last long and I ran a humidifier inside my tent and not once did the vapors actually reach the light fixture. I don’t know how I feel about IP ratings now for indoors. I mean - you are literally losing efficacy from my research and if you’re not watering your lights you should be fine.

      I did want more FR and UV so I bought a couple supplemental from another company. I’m not saying y’all need more diodes - I’m saying I needed more diodes myself.

      I’d buy this light again and again. So yeah. Worth its weight - heh.

      great product, but be careful

      AMAZING product for the price. definitely suuuuper bright so only use for your plants once they are bigger & more sturdy and keep the light hanging at 24" at least.

      Good light

      The light is bright, light, and works as expected. It is a 500w light. It does the job for a large space. Plants like it a lot. Easy to hang and work around. It does produce some heat but not very much. Overall it is a good light. Excellent quality.

      Stop looking, just buy

      Absolutely incredible light!!! The efficiency and performance of this light is top match. You will notice a difference immediately. No noise. Very little heat. Amazingly light weight and easy set up. Coverage is very good and evenly spread for the light bar design. Penetration is key and these little bars will shock you. I am thoroughly impressed. Will buy more and upgrade as time goes by undoubtably!

      Nick R
      Great value, great output and coverage.

      This light is a beast for the value and size! Covers a 4x4 area. I have three different LEDs that are available on the market and they all function the same, i feel the parfacts has the highest ppfd output out of all 3. Worth the price.